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Very Good Clip
Iain Abernethy
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I need to watch the whole thing before passing detailed comment (and I don’t have 1:40 hours free today), but I am not a fan of the “iron shirt” stuff presented toward the end of the clip. Sure we can condition ourselves to better deal with impact, but I feel the idea we can use Ki to deal with full power elbows to the throat (as is shown toward the end) is misguided and very dangerous. When I see people standing there taking “full power blows” it makes me think that those doing the hitting can’t hit right (or in some cases maybe deliberately pulling their blows).

It can all “work” well in the dojo, but if that same person genuinely believes that they can take blows to the throat they are going to have big problems if they demonstrate this outside the dojo with someone who will genuinely hit them full power.

It’s a personal thing, and I know others here have alternative views, but I also don’t believe that we can use a supernatural force called Chi or Ki to injure others and to protect ourselves. This is simply because I don’t believe such a force exists. To my mind, people would be better working on solid combative offensive and defensive skills.

As I say, I can’t judge the video because I’ve not watched it all the way through and there maybe some good material in there. I have however seen that there is plenty of reference to disrupting Ki in the enemy and using Ki to protect ourselves. Seeing as I don’t believe in Ki as a real force (I get it can be a subjective internal experience) what is presented is therefore not for me.

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hello iain, i too have no interest in chi because chi is a type of mysticism. what i liked about the clip was the original applications of okinawan kata.

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Speaking as  the other Th0mas on the forum :-)

I am never fully convinced that it is a good idea to try and completely explain the physiology of damage on the human body to the extent that you refer to particular minor bones or neural pathways, given that it is unlikely (and probably unethical) that rigorous research has been undertaken in an experimental environment to justify the claims you make. It is also only a slim rainbow aura away from mystic healing crystals, tantrick bouncing and Chi Balls.

Although it is nice that these chaps are applying logic it seems to me that it is a "science-light" retrofit exercise and we all have to be careful not tread in the same pseudoscience space as the nutritionists and shampoo companies.  


Tom Runge

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Most of this stuff is up there with the Shaolin monk tricks.....it's mostly physics and slight of hand.  If you look at the clip when he's elbowing the girl in the throat...he hits her collar bone/upper chest area everytime, and doesn't hit her throat bang on.  The kicks to the groin is an illusion...most kicks are taken off the bone near your anus.  And the punches to the head...well......it looks impressive that all the hits are coming in at once.....but the force is distributed across a spherical surface....with some conditioning, you can withstand the hit...besides, i don't  think the hitters are going full out either.....

I have a friend who does chi kung, and he tells me the tricks......

Sorry guys.....


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I looked at 5 element theory within karate and personally found it was fun, but hardly a 'reality' of application, I prefer to stick to the physical lessons body mechanics gives, and a simple mental approach to violence - all the PP stuff tends to simply be there or not when you do that.

I watched the video and whilst I think the Sensei is coming from a good place, and clearly knows alot of things I think all the hitting each other, and all the water, leading to wood, leading to fire is simply - unnecessary.

There were some nice bits in there of course, but also a fair ammount of mystical stuff, that simply I don't feel is important to practical training.

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I hear you man....it's meant to impress....it's showman ship and I hate to say it....a lot of this stuff is meant to define your ego and personae.....a lot of the so-called chi and pressure point stuff is hard to apply with a moving target, hence it lends itself to the realmn of unapplicable mombo-jombo crap so to speak....sorry, i said it! LOL.  Hey, each to it's own, that stuff is not for me.  Not functional AT ALL.