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Nimrod Nir
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Shitoryu Sochin Bunkai (community exercise)

Hi all,

I was thinking about suggesting this kind of exercise here for quite some time.

I wish to present a kata, and invite forum members to analyze it and suggest bunkai interpretations for its various parts.

I chose Shitoryu Sochin, for several reasons:

- I guess most of you don't practice it (at least not regularly). This would (hopefully) make the analysis more interesting for you. 

- It is relatively short and simple.

- It has a few exclusive features not appearing in other katas.


Here is a video of the kata:



As I see it, the kata has 8 distinct sections (I numbered them for convenience while referencing later in the discussion):

1. 0:04-0:32 - classical "double block + punch" sequence, 3 front + 3 back (common in Naha-te katas, although this is a Tomari-te kata) 

2.* 0:32-0:35 - "double hammer arm swing + sideways augmented block" 

3. 0:35-0:41 - 3 sideways "hooking blocks"

4. 0:41-0:45 - diagonal "double punch + double block +  augmented block"

5. 0:45-0:50 - diagonal "shuto+punch" (both sides)

6. 0:50-0:55 - 3 backward "side blocks"

7.* 0:55-1:03 - "fake surrender + two punches"

8. 1:03-1:07 - final "mawashi uke" (again, classical naha-te feature, although this is a Tomari-te kata as mentioned)


I would love to read/see your thoughts about the various sections.

I am particularly interested in sequences 2 and 7 (marked with an asterisk). 

Hopefully, this exercise will lead to new insights.




Nimrod Nir
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I found another version of this kata, which seems older (?) and has some additional moves in certain places in the kata, which apparently got dropped in the newer version.

Maybe it can improve and add to your analysis.