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Random Bunkai from a Jujitsu guy

Iain has invited me to post these here. These are some of the videos from my YouTube channel in which I show some Bunkai



Rather than just randomly posting, I would like to take the opptunity to raise some points for discussion. Firstly, Karate is NOT my primary Martial Art. All of these videos were recorded during the Jujitsu class that I teach. For my Martial Arts qualifications, see my about.me page. I don't actually regularly train in Karate although I attend Iain's seminars and do practice the kata. Two points:

1. I don't "look" for Bunkai. There are plenty of other people who are experts in the field that can do that for me. Many of them frequent this forum. However, sometimes I stumble upon Bunkai, which is exactly what happened in the double block bunkai video. I suspect that I'm far from unique

2. Just recently I've been thinking about my personal individual development as a credible Martial Artist. What makes me "different" or what do I have that others don't. After a LOT of thinking I realised the answer is obvious and evident in my YouTube videos - the degree to which I've cross trained in Martial Arts. Almost anything that I'm shown I can relate to another Martial Art. My Bunkai Videos discuss Jujijitsu, Karate, Taekwondo and Lau Gar. I now train in Eskrima (which I'm loving) and increasingly find that the motions that we use are already in my repertoire. What's changed in the mindset and method.

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for posting! Video is such a great medium by which to share ideas.

It occurs we have been missing a trick here! If others would also like to post youtube links to their own videos, I will gladly embed them here so plenty of people get to share them and so we can swap thoughts outside the medium of text. It would be great for our little community to share video in this way I think :-)

All the best,


Rick Brown
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Great videos I like your take on the up & down double block.

BTW the Tenchi Gaeshi is identical to the first part of Tekagami in Hakkoryu.



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Hi Peter

Thanks for posting.

I would suggest ( I commented on you tube) that rather than Hangetsu, a better example of the  up & Down double block in Shotokan would actually be  the Kata Empi. With the added bonus that your application would then lead nicely on to the shoulder throw at the end.. 

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Th0mas: thanks and yes I got your YouTube post. I've not studied Empi as it was a 4th Dan Kata in my first Karate style and wasn't in my second style. I've been criticised for my demonstration of Lau Gar. The person concerned guessed that I'd done very little. I answered that I reached Yellow Sash (5th Grade, where the 8th is Black) in 1993. 

The reason I raise this and the reason that I point out in the title that I'm primarily a Jujitsu practitioner is that my technique is, and will be, rusty. Furthermore there are of course variations on movement. That's not the point. The point is uising principles and keeping an open mind. From YouTube comments it would seem that when "perfect" execution of technique is excused then I'm doing something right. I certainly hope so.

As Iain said, this could be a great medium. If you have the time and resources, please post your Empi application.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Ok.. but without a camera

If you look at Kanzawa's video, just after 1.05..

You can see a series of the double blocks followed by a shift into backstance/gedanberai and then a double "palm heel strike" followed by a jump.

There are a number of potential application options with regard to the double block along the lines you have suggested in this thread - taking advantage of an opponent gripping your wrist. You can see in the video that once you have aquired a grib with your left hand , the gedanberai followed by the double palm heel strike and jump is showing how to slip low followed by a firemans lift and throw.

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Wow! Very interesting. What is your You tube channel address, as I'd like to see more please?    

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