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Black Tiger
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Pink Belts, who else has got one?

I got mine along with 2 others about 6 months ago, Tried to add the photo but I'm a typical end user, lol

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How strange: all of you are happy to get a pink belt. Last time I came here, the pink belt was a mark of shame awarded by Gavin Mulholland to students who had been slacking.

Black Tiger
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In Thailand, I have been advised by Muay Thai teacher that in the Camps the best fighters wear pink shorts! The SAS vehicle colour for desert combat is Pink! Pink was also considered as a manly colour in Edwardian times Its only recently that Pink has received the stigma it has today
Kevin Woods
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One of our members was awarded the pink belt as a rank Master of Grill-Jitsu at our Namido Family Picnic last year. Lol
Gavin Mulholland
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Yep, Krammy is right.

I keep a Pink Belt of Shame for anyone, of any rank, who turns up without their belt.

Black Tiger
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Gavin Mulholland wrote:

Yep, Krammy is right.

I keep a Pink Belt of Shame for anyone, of any rank, who turns up without their belt.

My reason for wearing the Pink Belt is for one thing(well 2 if you include a bit of fun) is to symbolise that no matter WHAT the colour of the belt, it doesn't make you any less of a martial artist
Harry Mord
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I once washed a red belt with a white gi, and had to go around being called "Pink Panther" for a session or two until it washed out again.

Cruithneach Comhrag
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Yes I have A pink belt my intention is to wear it at seminars this year to raise money for breast awarness I have lost a few friends and family to cancer in the last few years

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The Gracies offer a pink belt in their women's self-defense program after successful completion.

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Once again, no one is wrong, only different.

As for the color pink, it's true that it some years ago men and women each wore pink however as times changed the color blue came to be associated with boys and pink came to be associated with girls. Here in America, the 1980's were a time of pastel colors and pink was big. These days pink is concidered the traditional color of gays and lesbians.

The color pink is probably used in desert combat because it blends in with the surrounding area, not because it looks fashionable.

I don't know about Thailand but in different cultures different colors are masculine, for example in China the color red is used. This does not mean that men should wear red.

Pink belts are a modern gimmick, probably in the last ten years. But hey, karate is changing every day.

In conclusion, you can wear any color belt you want but still 99% of martial artists do NOT have a pink belt, however in 30 years you can say you were one of the first!

Jon Jepson
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Brill thread

 Mike23 is right . Pink is the best colour for blending in with the sand and rock scree found in the Arabian stepps , also why not have a pink belt , im not fussed what colour belt you wear . As i said to a student recently , you dont wear any belt outside the Dojo .

Jon .