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This is an older video but a good basic lesson taught.

It dose not matter the martial art but the martail artist.  yes


p.s Never mind all the stupid coments on this youtube page.. :(

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Nice move at 6:30.  I actually learned it from watching one of Iain's videos on youtube.  For karateka who may be reading this, do you think it could be an on-the-ground application for the crane stance with the foot hooked behind the knee as in Chinto/Gankaku?

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Regarding the technique at 6:30, I'm not 100% sure on the name, but I call it sankaku garami--I learned it in judo originally, along with a straight-arm version that I call sankaku gatame. My terminology probably isn't accurate, but it works for me :P. I suppose it could be an on-the-ground application for the stance found in Chinto, as could any other grappling technique wherein you wrap your leg around something and lock it in place with your knee, including triangle chokes and half-guard positions.

I remember this guy posting on Bullshido a while back, and that's actually why he has so many negative comments on all of his videos. He was rather elitist in several of his first posts, if I remember correctly, and people got all riled up because "Japanese Jujutsu doesn't work" and said he should "just go train in a real art like BJJ." He did calm down as time went on, but he eventually faded off. I hadn't originally seen this video--it's definitely interesting to watch, since most of those white belts should probably have about the same amount of training as he does, if not more (I saw some belt stripes).