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My interpretation for Gekisai dai Ichi Bunkai v2.0

It took way longer than I intended, but here it is, my revision for the first interpretation I did a year ago.

I believe my original premise still holds, Gekisai is a study for beginners in 4 ways to handle a similar scenario.

My hypotheses that slow movements in Goju-ryu katas are for grappling seam to be reinforced by this new approach.

What changed is that, I think, I finally broke the code by answering the big open question from my first try, how to choose between the four options?

By changing the initial positions to a already started clinch, things got much simpler and each scenario becomes self evident. As far as demonstrations go, it could be much cleaner and there are lots of little things to improve, but it's the best I can do for now. My wife is a saint to keep up with this!!!

The opening sequence, is to be used when one of your hands is on the inside of the attacker's guard and one on the outside:


The second sequence has two variants, they are for when both your hands are inside the attackers guard, but the first is for when the knees are symmetrical:


And the second, for when the knees are mirrored:


The closing sequence was the biggest mystery last time, there are many ways in which it is trained and all seamed to have the same issue with punches lining up with nothing at the end. Things started making more sense when both hands are outside on a clinch and the original movement just fits in place cleanly:


You can check a more detailed explanation on each video, but everything is pretty much represented in the same way as in the solo performance of the kata.