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Itosu Jutte, Kenpo Gaisetsu (1930)

Here is my informal translation of the kata "Master Itokazu's Jutte" as described in Kenpō Gaisetsu (1930). As far as I know, this is the first time this book (or a part of it) has been translated into English and made public.


As known, the mentioned master Itokazu is none other than the famous Itosu Ankō, and the kata presented in the book is a truly unique version of Jutte, certainly typical of the Tomari tradition, with different application ideas suggested directly in the text. I hope you can appreciate, thanks.

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Thanks for your translation, was a good read. Would be interesting to see someone attempt to recreate it on film and compare it with modern versions, or recreate the bunkai. I'm a Goju stylist myself so I have no idea what Jutte looks like to begin with haha  

Mark Powell
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Great job!! Although Jutte is not a kata I practice personally I really enjoyed the read!

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Thanks to all!

Stephen Zamora-Soon
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Sir! Thank you for the excellent translation. I am doing a paper comparing modern Hyung, Poomse, and Kata with old Kata. May I have your permission to use your translation in my paper?