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Hi My name is Ciaran.  I run Taekwon-do schools in Oxfordshire and have a keen interest in kata application principles havinhg attended many of Iain's seminars.  I am also involved with Patrick McCarthy's Koryu Uchinadi and host a 'KU study group' in Didcot (March 1st 2014 .

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Hello all,

my name is Luis and Ive been practicing shito-ryu since I was 14y. Is with great pleasure that I found the work of Iain and I will try to share and learn with you all.



Steve Gombosi
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Hello to all,

Steve Gombosi here. I've been training Matsubayashi-ryu pretty steadily since 1972, in the US, the Kanto region of Japan (Yokohama, specifically), and on (too briefly) in Okinawa. I'm not currently teaching (mainly because my Real Job had me flying 96 times last year, which makes it really hard to have a consistent class schedule). I've followed Iain for awhile, and I very much respect his approach to kata and bunkai. I'm really looking forward to learning a lot and widening my horizons in the process (no doubt at the expense of some of my more cherished preconceptions). I've dabbled a bit in Aikido (enough for an Ikkyu), too, as well as participating in a long-running but now defunct push-hands group organized by the (somewhat notorious) Mike Sigman.

Pleased to meet you all!



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Hi guys, Tim Jones here. I am from Chelmsford and I currently live and work in Bishop's Stortford. I recently joined the kyokushin club here. However, I have checked out and enjoyed a couple of Iain Abernethy affiliated clubs (with Paul Newman in Chelmsford and Gary Chamberlain in Loughborough - both great guys) and I always find Iain's articles and podcasts very interesting. I trained a bit in Tang Sou Dao when I was younger, but to be honest I haven't trained in anything consistently since I went to uni back in 2004. However I am now lifting weights and I thought it would be fun to get back into something!

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Hi everybody,

I'm Alessio and I'm from Italy. I'm 1°dan in Shotokan Karate and I started training when I was 10, now I'm 23... I have little experience but I'm really interested in Applied Karate and Abernethy's approach to Karate.. Forgive my English when I make some mistakes :)