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Hi My name is Ciaran.  I run Taekwon-do schools in Oxfordshire and have a keen interest in kata application principles havinhg attended many of Iain's seminars.  I am also involved with Patrick McCarthy's Koryu Uchinadi and host a 'KU study group' in Didcot (March 1st 2014 .

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Hello all,

my name is Luis and Ive been practicing shito-ryu since I was 14y. Is with great pleasure that I found the work of Iain and I will try to share and learn with you all.



Steve Gombosi
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Hello to all,

Steve Gombosi here. I've been training Matsubayashi-ryu pretty steadily since 1972, in the US, the Kanto region of Japan (Yokohama, specifically), and on (too briefly) in Okinawa. I'm not currently teaching (mainly because my Real Job had me flying 96 times last year, which makes it really hard to have a consistent class schedule). I've followed Iain for awhile, and I very much respect his approach to kata and bunkai. I'm really looking forward to learning a lot and widening my horizons in the process (no doubt at the expense of some of my more cherished preconceptions). I've dabbled a bit in Aikido (enough for an Ikkyu), too, as well as participating in a long-running but now defunct push-hands group organized by the (somewhat notorious) Mike Sigman.

Pleased to meet you all!



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Hi guys, Tim Jones here. I am from Chelmsford and I currently live and work in Bishop's Stortford. I recently joined the kyokushin club here. However, I have checked out and enjoyed a couple of Iain Abernethy affiliated clubs (with Paul Newman in Chelmsford and Gary Chamberlain in Loughborough - both great guys) and I always find Iain's articles and podcasts very interesting. I trained a bit in Tang Sou Dao when I was younger, but to be honest I haven't trained in anything consistently since I went to uni back in 2004. However I am now lifting weights and I thought it would be fun to get back into something!

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Hi everybody,

I'm Alessio and I'm from Italy. I'm 1°dan in Shotokan Karate and I started training when I was 10, now I'm 23... I have little experience but I'm really interested in Applied Karate and Abernethy's approach to Karate.. Forgive my English when I make some mistakes :)

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Hi, i've been a member of this site for a while but never got round to posting on here.....Time to fix that.

I've had an on..off relationship with the martial arts since I was 11 and trained at first at a shotokan Dojo in Dundee, Scotland the home of my birth.  I had an excellent Sensei. He, on the other hand, had a rather poor student. I continued to play with different styles as my life went on and began a career as a police officer in the summer of 1990.  My career finally took me to the wilds of north west England where my daughter, and sister-in-law,  began training with the Chojinkai Association, run by Sensei Doug James.  Through this organisation I became exposed to Iain's philosophy on Kata and began training in his Cockermouth Dojo.

I had the pleasure of having my understanding of Kata completely dumped on it's head which has resulted in a continued love of applied kata bunkai. After a woefully short time, the winds of fate once again blew me astray and my career took me overseas to Canada where I now serve as a cop in Alberta.  I have continued to be inspired by the use of kata and am now in the position of having the opportunity to pass on some of the love I have for this viewpoint onto the members of my current club.

  Which brings me back to this site and its plethora (and not a bad use of the word if I do say so myself) of information and modern context with a historical reference.

I look forward to becoming more active in the forums and learning a great deal from the telented individuals on it.

Stay safe


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My name is Adam. Much like the previous post I am orginally from the UK but now reside in Canada, in Vancouver to be specific.  

When I was 15 I started training in Shukokai Karate. After a stint doing classical jiu-jitsu (or TJF "jitsu" as they called it) at university I ended up at a Shotokan club and reached 3rd kyu. Then I let my training lapse to focus on my graduate work. Then I got married, had a kid and before I knew it I was 30 and stupidly out of shape. So I've decided to get back into martial arts and rediscovering my passion for martial arts as well as burning off my "dad-belly"

I was 18 when I read Iain's books for the first time. Those books changed the way I looked at Karate and (seriously trying not to "gush" here) are the main reason I've remained a Karateka and proud of it. With that in mind I felt that joining this forum would be a great way to connect with the "bunkai-community" and keep myself focussed as I get back into training.  

I look forward to learning from you all.


Joe @ GRKA
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My name is Joe, and I've been studying Kobayashi Shorin Ryu in Michigan, USA since about 1988 or 1989, when I was in my early 20s. For several years, I trained 6-8 hours a day and paid for lessons by working in my instructor's dojo. Until about 2001, my instructor was part of Tadashi Yamashita's organization in the States, and through that association, I had the privilege of testing in front of Sensei Yamashita. In 2001, due to a move for school, I started training in the Matsumura Seito branch of Shorin Ryu. That only lasted a couple of years, though, because I ended up returning to my former home and resumed training with my original instructor. During my absence, my instructor had resigned from Sensei Yamashita's organization. Sensei Yamashita had been a student of Hanshi Shuguro Nakazato in Okinawa, and, although our dojo has never formally associated with Hanshi Nakazato's Shorin Ryu Shorinkan association, we adhere meticulously to Hanshi Nakazato's teachings.

For many, many years, my training emphasized punch-and-kick techniques with little attention to kata application. This focus made free-sparring fun, but training eventually became predictable and (I hate to say this) boring. In recent years, though, I've begun seeking out the practical applications of kata, and this quest for knowledge has inspired me and renewed my excitement for the martial arts. Divining effective application of kata is intellectually challenging, physically demanding, expansive of perspective, and just plain fun. Many thanks to Sensei Abernethy for sharing his knowledge so liberally and providing a place for like-devoted people to congregate!

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Hi, my name is Dana and I am brand new to this forum.  I live in a very rural part of Northern California with my wife, two dogs and a cat.  Not a lot of martial arts around here.  Myself and a Tykwondo school.  I am 52 and have been practicing karate, with some ups and downs, for most of the past 37 years.  Started out with Kyokushin but we have evolved in a slightly diferent direction. We spend much of our time practicing the kata and bunki.  I am enjoying this website and feel I have already gained some insight from it.

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My name is Amrullah, I am resident of Mumbai, India, and I am a Taekwondo(Kukkiwon/WTF) practitioner, deeply interested in self defense and history of Taekwondo and its ancestor art Karate,

Apart from it, I am a Computer Engineer by education and Web Developer by profession

I started practicing Taekwondo in mid-2008 but couldn't continue even till 2009, then i recontinued practice on January 2012 and reached red belt, (just a step away from black belt at the time of writing this)

Taekwondo poomsaes (korean equivalent of kata) always fascinated me, and I always wondered how those all spectacular movements in black-belt level poomsaes could translate into real life applications, I searched a lot on youtube, google for their applications (using search terms like "Keumgang application", etc.) but couldn't find some realistic applications. But one day i found a good taekwondo blog : jungdokwan-taekwondo.blogspot.in , which opened up a whole new world of Taekwondo for me. I found answers to many questions that I had in my mind. (That blog has links to other good martial arts blogs/websites, and this website is one of them, thats how i got to know who Mr. Iain Abernethy is)

Having realized that karate is one of the arts that heavily influenced Taekwondo as far as basic movements and forms are concerned, I also take great interest in karate and applications of its katas. I am strong advocate of this pragmatic and real-life approach to Karate/Taekwondo. 

Also, if anyone else on this forum, stays in mumbai, do reply to this post and let me know :-)

Shpend Ibrahimi
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Hi all,

My name is Shpend Ibrahimi and I have been living in the UK (London) for 17 years now. I have been training karate (GKR) for about two and a half years and now I've started training Goju Ryu (EGKA). 


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I'm Tom, and live in New Brunswick, Canada.  While I dabbled in Wado style karate in grad school until a knee injury (not karate) forced me to stop for a while, ensuing parenthood, inertia, and other priorities kept me away 'till my own sons became interested.  My boys started training with a superb Shotokan instructor, and I joined in perhaps 3 years later.  My university-age lad is now Shodan, while my 16 year old and I are each 2nd kyu.

I've become more and more interested in bunkai, inserting "meaning" into how I train.  Stumbled across Iain's work a couple of years ago ...

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Hi, I'm Chirs though my friends call me Sampsi, short for Sampsiceramus (long story, don't ask), I've trained in Shotokan with a strong emphasis on practicality for a short while now and am quite into the analysis of kata and seeing what works. I've taken a couple of months off recently but am back into it now and having fun. 

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Hi everyone! I'm Sam and I live on the east coast (of the U.S.). Right now, I am a grad student studying Physical therapy. I love all things related to movement and motion, and the freedom our bodies have to experience the world. As far as martial arts go though, Karate is my passion. I grew up learning karate in an unaffiliated and open minded group. We did not always have the best technique, but everyone had great heart. When I was in undergraduate studies at college, I dabbled in various other martial arts including jujitsu, judo, capoeira, and kendo. Nowadays I have picked up Goju Ryu, but unfortunately as a graduate student I rarely much time. I still practice as much as I can though as I hold karate very dear to my heart.

I am looking forward to reading and discussing martial arts with so many experienced and knowledgeable people on this forum! I have been very impressed with the quality, opennes and forward thinking present on this website and forums!smiley

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My name is Sandro and I live and train in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been practicing since 1988 from the tender age of 24 and continue to do so twice a week at 50. I have attended several of Iain's seminars and have found them enlightening. They have added to my  training on concepts previously touched upon and explored, but never to quite the depth that Sensei Iain has been able to demonstrate. 

Now I find that I, as an instructor, have to find a way to train my students in the established curriculum required for grading and at the same time impart a deeper understanding of kata and bunkai previously not understood (hence not necessary) for a more fulfilling practice.

Not sure if that makes this website a blessing or curse.( rhetorical comment of course).

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Hi Everyone,

I thought I had made a post some time ago but perhaps I didn't as I don't see anything with my name on it.

My name is Aidan and I live and study Karate way up in Northern Canada (Yellowknife, NWT to be specific). I've always been a huge fan of martial arts in general (largely due to being born in the Ninja Craze 80s) but only got into actually practising them after I finished University. Since then I've been trying to soak up as much as I can and while doing so came across Sensei Abernethy's work and it really helped set a direction for my Karate studies.

Looking forward to continuing to read forum posts and contribute where I can.


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Hi there!

So, my name is Lukas and I'm living in Germany, near Frankfurt am Main. I started Karate training when I was about 4 and trained for about 10 years as often as I could. My club was quite combative orientated. We did our share on ground fighting, multiple opponents and knife defence (all that starting in the kids group, was quite  early to be honest). Sadly I resigned shortly after being graduated to my 1st Dan and my club closed few months later.so after pausing with  combat sports and sports generally for a couple of years, I came to a taekwondo club and been there for a year till I got fed up with missing emphasizes on practibality, self defence or even fighting at all. So I became an eager students in an combatives group and had the luck to train with some awesome people like Lee Morrisson and Luis Guiterrez for the last 2 years. But I'm missing the Gi a lot and so I'm working within my old curriculum simultaneously and I am  now excited for my first seminar with Ian this year.

So thanks for reading this long introduction and I hopen I'll get a lot of input here and may be of assistance.

Best wishes,


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Hello all!  My name is Matthew LaFountain from NYC.  I've studied several forms of traditional martial arts for the past 27 years, with a base in Okinawan Shobayashi Shorin-Ryu, recently reaffilited with Rendokan under longtime uchideshi of Osensei Eizo Shimabukuro, Hanshi Robert Weinburg.  Also, I studied Songshan Shaolin Gongfu and Qigong for four years under Sifu Hengxin here in New York, and (the first third of) the Yang Short Form of Taijiquan in the lineage of Cheng Man-Ching in Boulder, Colorado under the late Bantaan Faigao, and have taken classes in Systema, Wing Chun, BJJ, KFM, and many other styles I've considered studying (you have to love the options you have in New York).  

I'm interested in friendly exchanges of ideas and possible meet ups with fellow experienced karateka here in New York to safely practice the drills in Sensei Abernethy's DVD's and seminars and other drills exchanged from members on this forum.  I also speak and read some Japanese and Mandarin so I'm interested in addressing scholarly endevours with texts written by the great masters of our tradition(s) as well.   I will be attending the seminar in Watertown, CT in July 2015, so I am looking forward to training with Sensei Abernethy and anyone here who may be attending as well.

始めまして! よろしくお願いします!

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Gday all from Sydney, Australia! I'm a 24 year old karate practicioner, have trained in a couple of different styles, but I'm currently training in Seido karate. I've been listening to Iain's podcasts for about a year now, it has opened my eyes to a world I didn't know existed! As a result I'm hungry for pragmatic training and pressure testing the techniques that for so long I thought were automatically effective, simply because I had learnt them. I'm really keen to hear from anybody in Sydney, whether living or just visiting, if you're interested in some cross training and exchanging ideas.

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Hi all!

My Name is Mike, 20 years old (Nearly 21!!) and I am from England, UK. I have been studying Karate for around 10 (ish) years, Shukokai (Shito-Ryu), I come from a club with much emphasis on self-defence, kata application, groundwork, practicable striking etc etc.... I also train in Jujitsu which is brand new to me but very enjoable and has complimented my Karate fantastically! I have a keen interest in Karate History,  Karate application in the street, Bunkai and teaching, also hoping eventually to do some competition refereeing which also takes my interest.

Very interested in dicussion and making like minded friends!

Pleasure to meet you all,


Andrzej J
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Hi everyone,

My name's Andrzej, I'm a Kyokushin stylist originally from the UK, now living and working in Germany. Started training in the 80s, but am now working my way back into it after a 10-year break, which is a bit of a challenge ... Looking forward to attending my first seminar with Iain in Dresden next month!