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Back to basics - punch

So I was going over myTKD forms with my original teacher for the first time in many years. One thing that he spotted was I was turning my fist over way too early, which is akin to not twisting it at all.

In TKD and I guess in karate the punch is meant to twist through the target so the twist is the last part of the punch.

I occurred to me while practicing this that I had stopped doing it because other arts that I study don't punch like that.

So, is the twist on the punch.

- bona-fide technique that increases the damage created by a punch

- theoretical but not practical

- an idea that was laid over the motion of.going from the hand on the hip to a punch. To maybe give it a.more martial.meaning.

- or something else

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This is a good one  :D

My Sensei is also very insisting that the hand twists ONLY at the end and I'm not convinced at all that it makes any significant difference.

Hitting the sandbag, I feel the more pleasant result is a continuous motion from when the punch starts, to touching the target and finally stopping a little behind the surface.

Maybe, waiting till the last second is a way of not committing till the last second to any specific action.