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Promised sparring with Heian kata


In his 1922 book, Gichin Funakoshi says that there is no specific form of kumite, but that whenever there is a confrontation [ 立合 / tachiai ] we can talk about kumite. In addition, Funakoshi underlines the fact that if we understand the practical use of kata, BY REGULARLY TRAINING A FIGHTING MODEL WITH A PARTNER [ 組手型 / kumite gata ], we will be able to manage the situation without problems. This video shows my idea of a possible (prearranged) combat model for studying some passages of the Heian kata. It is a continuous exercise, that is, without closing all the subsequences, which must first be studied separately.

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You need better lighting next time, it's hard to see the details of what you are doing.

But I would say it look well thought and executed, the "attacker" could be more active in trying to defend themselves though, even if it is prearranged.

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As Frazatto mentioned, the lighting makes it a bit hard to make out what's going on. It does look like a good way to flow through the kata, but the attacker is definitely just acting as a training dummy after the initial contact is made, aside from maybe blocking things here and there. It might be worthwhile to add evasion, counters, or additional attacks to the attacking side.