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Opening of Nijushiho: Preemptive Strike, Clinch and Choke

In this video, I explore the opening sequence of Nijushiho. I first use an entry I learned at a Randy King seminar which fits nicely for the 'pressing block'. Capitalizing on enemy's pain withdraw reflex, the pressing block is used again to pull the enemy off balance. Once the head is more accessible, the punch is used as a bicep bump as the left hand secures the head and serves as a means to index. From there, the left 'elbow strike' is used to pull a guillotine choke tight.


Andy Allen


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A good application that fits the moves, and very well presented as always. Thanks for sharing.

All the best,


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Thanks, Marc. This was a fun one to make.

Iain Abernethy
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Nice stuff explained really well! I like it!

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I appreciate this is Nijushiho rather than Niseishi. I'm familiar more with the latter. It seems to me that the transitions are more smooth in Nijushiho which might or might not be down to example performance here. When it comes to pre-emption in this kata I have to think of Rory Miller's "drop step." This video isn't perhaps the best example. The one he does towards the end near to the camera is better. Right from when I first learned this method from him I though of Niseishi.