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Joint manipulation techniques (Heian Sandan)


"Karate does not only consist in punches and kicks, but also in throwing and joint manipulation techniques [ 逆手 / gyaku-te, literally "opposite technique"; it is a common term in the language of Budō, and takes on multiple meanings, usually that of joint manipulation, forbidden or hidden technique ]. There are many ways to perform throwings and gyaku-te. For the sake of beginners, I will show only a part of them and provide some illustrations and a brief description as a reference. If you will take this as a starting point and study the basic kata [ 基本型 / kihon-gata ], you will reach a state where you can receive [ 受け / uke ], throw [ 投げ / nage ], and defeat [ 倒し / taoshi ] [ the opponent ] without any conscious effort" - Gichin Funakoshi, 1935

In the video some basic joint manipulation techniques, mostly extracted from Heian Sandan