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Countering O-Soto-Gari

Hello, everyone!

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at how we can use our kata footwork--specifically the larger 180-270 degree turns--to counter throws like the one we looked at last week.

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Iain Abernethy
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I like it. Well explained and well presented.

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In this video naihanchi is used to counter the same throw. Its the first application shown 1:40 in.

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Well done! I usually think of those pivots as throws, but now I also see them as counters to some throws. Thanks!!



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That was really well explained. I like the step back and turn and the way it links to kata. I've not seen that before. I have a question though:

Generally I would never try a reap from the inside unless I already had the advantage, something I would take if it was there. When trying to go for that reap I try to get my opponents lead hand down or work from the outside. Does the counter work if you don't have an arm across their body? 

I'll give it a go next chance I get but wondering if there was any insight I could think about when I do.

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Thank you, Stevenson! Yes, the counter still works if your arm is not across their body, provided you can keep their arm held tight enough to you. Should that fail, though, it still puts you in a position where the reap fails, and they will have to do something else, so you can react from there.

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Nice - so reverse by gripping the arm that is clearing yours pull step back and reap.

I'll give it a whirl! Can't wait to try. Thanks for the response!

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In judo it is countered by the same throw