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Kata-Inspired Locking Flow Drill


Hey all,

In this video, I demonstrate a locking flow drill. It is not meant to be a fight sequence and is demonstrated out of any context relating to self defense. It is a drill designed for practice with a compliant partner. Within the drill there references to Kanku Sho, gedan berai and the juji uke in Gankaku. This drill is part of my 5th kyu curriculum. Iain Abernethy has done a similar sequence part of which I have borrowed for this drill.


Andy Allen

Iain Abernethy
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Very nice Andy! I’ll share it via the lists today and tomorrow :-)

Thanks for posting here!

All the best,


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Well . . . these flow drills can actually come in handy. I was working out with a friend with 25 years experience in Goju who was also a collegiate gymnast (and still practices some of his gymnastics). I had to switch what I was doing 3 times in the middle of a takedown to get him on the ground, as his awareness of his balance and center made him respond intuitively to get back to where he wanted to be. Most difficult time I've ever had taking someone down.  Couldn't have done it w/o being able to flow from one technique to the next.