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Training partner(s) wanted, SW Herts, UK, (WD3 postcode)

Hi all,

I find myself in the same trap as many others. I have the interest, I have access to a training hall, I have all the necessary kit (mats, mitts, pads etc...) I have 15 years of "classical" karate experience and a few years of (intermittent) practical "applied" karate experience BUT I have no one to play with on a regular basis to really work at the level I'd like to.

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Martial arts in Cork, Ireland

Hello all!

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Self Defence Demonstration

Hello Guys, 

I've been a long time lurker but never really too active and have immensely enjoyed the conversations over the past three years and it all has certainly fed into my training one way or another. 

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Kata ... The Movie!

This looks like a great project! Please follow the link below the video for more information and details of how you can support this project and make it happen!

All the best,


Documentary about empty hand Kata, featuring interviews with some of the most respected names in Traditional Martial Arts.

Through interviews with some of the most respected Senior yudansha in Martial Arts, from several Traditional Martial Arts Styles, this film will explore the many facets of Empty hand Kata.

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VIP/third party protection course


i have been looking in to third party protection courses and there seems to be so many out there. Also so many that don't ring true, courses that show guys wear "special" glasses that allow them to see behind with the use of little mirrors, and othe 007 type tricks. 

Can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of a course that focuses on real skills and less gimmicks


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Need Book Reviews

I've been considering purchasing a couple of books for my library for some time now, but they're both quite expensive.  One is Shotokan Karate: A Precise History by Harry Cook.  The other is Hidden Karate: The True Bunkai for the Heian Katas and Naihanchi by Gennosuke Higaki.  Does anyone have or has anyone read either of these and if so, are they worth the exhorbitant prices they fetch?  Thanks.

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Akio Kinjo's book Karate Denshinroku

Greetings to the forum,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, and I tried searching the forum here but I could not find a previous thread for Akio Kinjo or his book Karate Denshinroku. 

I have seen this book referenced a few times in some articles regarding Karate Kata history, but i cannot seem to locate it, in any translation at all. 

Does anyone know if there is an English translation of this book, which was published in 1999, and if so where can I get a copy?

Kind Regards,

Christopher Crittenden

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McDojo or legend?

Hi all, 

a little help is required please. 

There is a guy in my local town that has suddenly appeared and opened a number of classes in the last 2/3 years. 

He is teaching in local schools and community centres. This isn't a problem at all, whilst it may be competition for me and my dojo I am pretty open minded to about this stuff and have no problem with good MA clubs opening up in my local area. 

here lies my problem. He is claiming to be a 8th or 9th dan (can't remember which) in an art called judan Okinawan karate. 

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WUKO rules? what are they?

Looking at entering my guys in as many competitions as I can, a new era for my school

I have the chance of one which is the rules will basicly be the old WUKO rules, one ref and a mirror judge for the kumite , it will be shobu sanbon for adults and possibly shobu nihon for the juniors .

"Contact is allowed to the body as long as no bones or ribs are being broken ( adults ) , and contact is allowed to the face , but only skin contact ,( the face after contact , should be the same as it was before contact , no marks ! ) if you draw blood , it's disqualification .

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Shorin-Ryu in Germany

I'm trying to research my father's Shorin-Ryu lineage, and hoping someone here will be able to help point me in the right direction.

Unfortunately, my father passed away in 1999, so I can't ask him, and only have a few details of his training, but they do kinda stand out, so I'm hoping this will jog some memories.

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