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References for Gekisai dai San

Reading the reference material from yesterday Iain's presentation on Chojun Miyagi I just found out there is a Gekisai dai San kata and four more created by Miyagi, but I'm having difficult to find good demonstrations for those and why they are not widely taught anymore.

Anyone with good links I could borrow?

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Ok, I found what I needed, but apparently there really is very few references available.

I miss understood the origins of those other kata, they were created by Seikichi Toguchi but I couldn't find a why.

Considering Togushi was one of Miyagi's main students, maybe it's a good thing to study at least Gekisai dai San and see what it can offer.

Looking at the other four kata, I have the impression it's an attempt to create a pinan series with Nara-te roots, but as it progresses, it  adds a lot of complexity and I can't quite see where it's going to if the intention was to make a bridge to more advanced kata. At least my transition from Gekisai to Saifa was very smooth and I felt no need to be better prepared. Seiyunchin is another beast all together, but even that is being handled one section at a time and in a couple of weeks I was able to memorize the path.

What I miss thought, is time and opportunity to really explore those sequences before having to learn another one just for grades.......