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This websites secret twitter feed

Hi All,

Here is a little something that may be of interest the hardcore members of the website. For my own use, I set up a twitter feed that picks up the RRS feeds from this website via hootsuite. I then set up twitter to send me a text message when anything is put on that twitter feed.

What that essentially means is that, with no human intervention, I am notified via text message whenever a new forum thread (not post) is started. The same system also generates a message for every new article, video, podcast, news item etc. It does not generate a message for every forum post (way too many texts if it did!); just when an entirely new thread is started.

I set this up so I would know of new threads within the hour (which is how long it takes to update) and so I could use the twitter feed to ensure new forum topics find their way into the new “Practical Karate Weekly”:

Anyhow, it occurs that the regulars here may similarly want automatic notification of any new threads etc. If you do, the “secret” twitter feed you need to follow is: @iainaberdotcom

This is what it has put out to date (there is more text under the widget):

As you can see, we are talking about a tweet every couple of days, so it’s not too onerous. The real me is still found at @iainabernethy. As I say, this is purely an automated feed from this website.

Not a Twitter user, but still want the Text messages (for free)?

If you open an account, Twitter now asks you to follow a number of people as part of that process. Do it, and then unfollow them as soon as the account is live. Make your account private, register your phone (mobile) and switch the notifications for @iainaberdotcom on. You’ll then automatically get a text message – at no cost to you – every time this website has something new started or added. Should be a good way to for key members to keep their finger on the pulse :-)

All the best,