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Training Day 3 - New Peter Consterdine DVD!

Peter Constredine’s “Training Day Volume 3: Impact and Transitions” is now available! I’ve copied the blurb below and it essentially covers the technical aspects associated with the Thursday morning sessions.

Myself and the rest of the crew help with the demonstrations and that’s me in the Thai-Shorts on the cover (the bald one with the beard ;-).

It’s a very good DVD will lots of technical information that can really help enhance your striking power and ability to relentlessly dominate. The concepts on the DVD are a big part of what I teach and I’m sure these concepts will prove as useful to you as they have to me.

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Message from Peter Consterdine: “I’ve finally got the third film in the Training Day series completed - ‘Training Day 3 “Impact & Transitions.’ It runs for over 1 hour 30 minutes and explains in detail the dynamic elements that go into complex punching and kicking drills. Again, it has been filmed with my regular training partners – Brian Seabright, Iain Abernethy, Steve Williams and my regular training partner Peter Lakin and is packed with more drills but this time with the ‘how’ not just the ‘doing.’

DVD Blurb: Peter Consterdine 8th Dan Karate, is a former Gt. Britain & England Karate International, Full Contact British Champion and Chief Instructor of the renowned British Combat Association.

Peter is acknowledged as one of the hardest trainers and most powerful strikers in martial arts.

Previous DVDs in this series have shown numerous drills, but for the first time, Peter Consterdine's unique system of impact and speed development is broken down in great detail. The real skill is in how the 'transitions' between massively impactive punching and kicking is achieved, so as to leave no gap for an opponent's counter-attacks.

These complex but incredibly effective techniques are incorporated into a range of drills and these, in turn, are demonstrated and explained within 8 distinct methods of practice, that comprise a typical 'Training Day'.

Peter is assisted by some of the UK's best known practical martial artists, including Iain Abernethy, Brian Seabright, Steve Williams and Peter's training partner, Peter Lakin.

These top martial artists have revolutionised their own systems through years of regular training with Peter.

This is the weekly training for all these top martial artists.

It doesn't come any harder!!

Running Time 90 mins approx / Cost £24.99 Including UK P&P.

To order please email or call 01924266016 (+441924266016)