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Photos from Iains time at Chuck Norris UFAF ITC in Las Vegas

Here are a few photographs from my time at the 2012 International Training Conference of Chuck Norris’s United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF). Needless to say, I had a blast! It was a real honour to be invited to teach at the event and I found all the participants to be warm, friendly, enthusiastic and very able. I taught two sessions on kata application principles; one for the instructors within UFAF and one for all black belts. I also taught a session on self-defence concepts for the black-belts. I have some video of those sessions and I’ll share the odd snippet in coming months. Thanks to everyone who made this event so special for me. I greatly enjoyed everyone’s company!

On the Saturday evening there was a formal dinner and I was presented with a plaque by Chuck and Aaron Norris. Something I'll never forget! Under my name the plaque reads, “In appreciation for sharing your knowledge and expertise to the betterment of our organisation - Chun Kuk Do, Chuck Norris Founder, Las Vegas, NV, July 2012”. The plaque will be treasured and it already resides on my office wall.

After the event was over I took the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon and it did not disappoint! Naturally I took the opportunity to take photos of various martial poses against such a stunning backdrop :-)

I took lots of pictures and I hope you find this small sample of interest.

All the best,


Me getting my Plaque from Chuck and Aaron Norris (2nd left and extreme right - obviously!)

Teaching one of the sessions

A variant of a crank in Pinan - Pyong An 5

Explaining angles in forms using an example from Pinan - Pyong An 5

Not sure who said what here but it made Jason and me laugh!

Jason Kifer - My uke for three days (many thanks!)

A panoramic of one of the sessions

Our table at the formal dinner. To my left is Ed Saenz UFAF 9th degree. A great guy!

Stick me in a beautiful place and I have a compulsion to do kata – It is a serious concern!

A side kick in the Grand Canyon (Thanks to Carsten for the inspiration :-)

Me and one of my closest friends “Froggy” in the desert. We grew up together and he now resides in Australia. It was great to catch up in person.

A self taken photo of me in the helicopter