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Marc MacYoung in UK, September 2011

Hi All,

Here is your chance to train with Marc MacYoung in September! I’ve been a fan of Marc’s work for decades and it was great when I got to meet him in person last year. He’s a great guy, with a superb teaching style, and his material is as practical as it gets. This is not an opportunity to miss so be sure to contact Mick and let him know you would support this event. Mick Franklin is the organiser you can find all the details below. Be sure to contact him ASAP.

All the best,



My name is Mick Franklin, I am a 2nd Dan in Kyokushin Karate but today I am writing to you as a representative of Conflict Communications. I wish to make you aware of our upcoming course on De-escalation. This 1 day course will be conducted by internationally acclaimed Marc MacYoung, a man who has lived and worked on the sharp end of life dealing with violent and aggressive people, but more importantly was able to attain and master the skills to defuse potentially violent situations, and then successfully pass those skills on to martial artists, hospital and police staff all around the world.

This course really is one of a kind. Rather than just being an "aggression management" course you will learn the source of all conflicts and more importantly what to do about them. The skills you will learn are not just useful for preventing violent attacks, but will also greatly benefit the way you interact with people in all situations, including at work and in your personal relationships. Your martial arts techniques may be superb but can you recognise when someone really intends to hurt you? Can you defuse a violent individual? Do you have the skills to explain to the police and courts what steps you took to avoid it becoming physical, and explain, in a legal sense, why you did what you had to do?

Course Dates: September the 3rd for De-escalation, September the 4th for the Body Mechanics in Martial Arts course

Course Costs: £40 for 1 day only, or £70 for both days

Location: Edinburgh

Duration: 8 hours each day

If you would like some further insight in to Mr MacYoung's training you should begin with his website, I think you will be impressed:

I have also included a brochure of the De-escalation Course for you below.

If this is something you would like to press ahead with, or if you just have some questions, then let me know. I am taking note of interest now. 

Kind regards,

Mick Franklin

P.S. Marc MacYoung will be running a course on Body Mechanics in Martial Arts on the day after the De-escalation Course. This course will show you how to generate more power from your techniques (regardless of your style) and to apply a critical eye to why a technique works or doesn't work, as well as making students aware of important elements that are currently missing from the way bunkai and kata is taught in most schools. I can not say much about it now -keep an eye on the magazine Martial Arts Illustrated for the first news on this exciting material in an indepth interview with Mr MacYoung. I can honestly say, however, that despite my 10 years of full contact Kyokushin Karate I have learned a lot from Marc in a very short time about good technique and generating power.


Left to Right: Nick Yang, Marc MacYoung, Rory Miller, Al Peasland, Iain Abernethy, Kris Wilder