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Marc Animal MacYoung in the UK!

The only 2012 Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung Lecture and Seminar in The UK is now open for bookings at incredibly affordable prices and welcomes all kindred spirits.

The Lecture and seminar by Marc 'Animal' MacYoung is in Sheffield this September, he will not be training anywhere else in the UK this year or for the foreseeable future.

Marc will present his own unique experiences in a special Friday evening lecture at the University of Sheffield; this is for an insight into the life of a man who has faced and survived almost every conceivable form of violence.

Marc MacYoung was raised in situational poverty. He grew up on the gang infested streets of Los Angeles. This gave him extensive first-hand experience with crime, violence and the people who commit them. He freely admits, "When I was younger, I was part of the reason why LA was so dangerous." Turning his life around with the help of his retired FBI step-father, Marc embarked on a career of protecting people from criminals and predators.

He's worked as a bodyguard, bouncer, event security and director of a correctional institute. Although proficient with use of force, he quickly realized that de-escalation saved him from having to do paperwork.

Marc developed the internationally recognized Five Stages of Violent Crime program that is a standard of threat identification and articulating immediate danger. The Five Stages is taught in use of force classes and concealed carry courses throughout the US. He's a member of the International Police Defensive Tactics Association and taught police de-escalation and defensive tactics in four different countries, the USA, Germany, Poland and Sweden. He is also a court recognized expert witness on cases involving violence.

Lecture Evening Friday 21st September

Crime Avoidance; in the Words of a Survivor’

Crime is a process, a very predictable and easy to recognize process. A process that if you identify it soon enough you can non-violently derail it and prevent it from even happening. Internationally renowned expert Marc MacYoung shows you the easy to recognize the unmistakable danger signs of developing violence. This is not a 'self-defense' course. Stay safe without having to resort to physical violence.

This will be lecture will be followed by two training seminars on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September. Numbers are restricted to allow more personal interaction. The package includes photos with Marc, just bring your camera and I am sure he will sign any of his books you have.

Seminar day one, Saturday 22nd September

‘Applying Martial Mechanics’.

Generating power is easy. Unfortunately, losing it is even easier. This seminar first helps you stop the countless small 'leaks' rob you of power. After preventing power loss, the same mechanics are applied to dramatically increase your power delivery. This is not some 'secret' esoteric art or UMFS (ultimate MacYoung fighting style). The components are already in your system. This seminar will help you understand and apply them more effectively. Using the tools you will acquire in this seminar, you can run diagnostics on everything you do to make it more powerful and effective.

Seminar day two, Sunday 23rd September

‘Surviving a Knife Attack’.

The tactics of a street knife attack are radically different than what is taught in martial arts schools. Those differences will get you killed or hospitalized when facing a blade outside the safety of the school. This seminar teaches you the priorities, tactics and complications you MUST address to stay alive and minimize your hospital time from facing a blade in the streets. This is not a martial arts class it's an introduction to survival strategies when facing a blade in the hands of someone intent on harming you.

Interested? I hope so, here are the details:

Evening Lecture by Marc ‘Animal MacYoung on Friday 21st September (Time TBC provisionally 7pm to 8pm) is £5

2 day seminar with Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September (Times to be confirmed but both full days) is £100 if paid before Sunday 15th April on or £120 if booked after that date

One day seminar with Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September is £50 if paid before Sunday 15th April on or £60 if booked after that date

I have had lots of interest already and booking forms going out before this information, and this unique will sell out quickly, so if you want I will send you a booking form straight away so you can get it straight back with payment to reserve your place, its first come first served, with priority given to 2 day bookings.

The facilities are excellent, The University of Sheffield is the location in their Sport Sheffield Campus, Northumberland Road, Sheffield. There is plenty of on road free parking in the vicinity and I am happy to advise, not arrange, on overnight accommodation for people who do not know the area.

This event is only bookable through The Academy of Self Defence Ltd.

To book email: or ring Garry on 07738909125