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Looking to make an instructional DVD? Harbour View Productions can help

For our DVDs we always want to ensure customers have the “wow!” factor when they watch them. Times are hard and I want everyone who watches anything we do to know that their hard-earned cash was well spent. And that we cared enough to ensure that, not only was the DVD packed with useful information, but that the DVD was professionally filmed and edited.

Too many martial artists cut corners and opt for the “my mate has a video camera” approach to DVD production, and then wonder why they never get repeat custom. If you want a professional product then you need to use professional people.

Professional directors will ensure you can concentrate on what you do best while they ensure you come across as you should on camera and that everything is recorded and outputted as it should be. Professional cameramen and soundmen will ensure that your viewers get everything they need. Professional editors will ensure that the end product is professional, enjoyable to watch and that viewers get the “wow factor” from the first moment they press play.

Louise Musgrave of Harbour View Productions directing on the set of Iain Abernethy’s Beyond Bunkai DVD

I’ve worked with Louise Musgrave on many DVDs and her help has been invaluable. Louise makes the whole process very straightforward and is meticulous about ensuring a high quality product. I really like her too and she always make the process lots of fun (see the outtakes at the end of Beyond Bunkai for some examples of that!).

If you are looking to make a DVD to share what you do with lots of people, or even an in-house syllabus DVD for your students, and you don’t know where to start, all you need do is contact Louise at Harbour View Productions

Iain Abernethy 6thDan

You Train with the Best, Now Film with the Best

Planning to film a martial arts DVD?  Want to work with the team who have filmed with Iain Abernethy to build his martial arts DVD brand? 

You need to film with Harbour View Productions - Producers of high quality Martial Arts DVDs. 

We listen to what you want, planning, budgeting, filming and editing, from the studio through to the DVDs arriving at your door.  And we do this within a realistic and affordable budget.

Louise is a specialist in directing martial artists to camera.  Your presenting will translate into watchable and easily understood instruction.

Harbour View can take the project through manufacture to delivery assisting with sleeve and DVD design and advice on packaging choices. 

If you want to market your skills to a wider audience have a chat with Louise on 0845 519 0371