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Iain's books now on Kindle!

Hi All,

My books “Mental Strength”, “Bunkai-Jutsu: The Practical Application of Karate Kata”, “Throws for Strikers”, “Arm-Locks for All Styles” and “Karate’s Grappling Methods” are now all available on Kindle via Amazon!

REAL BOOKS: The demise of many book stores, printing costs, storage costs, shipping costs, the high percentage that Amazon take, etc means that my books will probably not be reprinted when stocks run out. Printed books are becoming less and less viable so if you do like “real books”, and you’d like any of mine in that format, then it would be wise to purchase sooner rather than later:

FUTURE BOOKS: I’ve had a few books on hold due to the difficulties faced by the publishing industry, but if Kindle does prove a popular format I will consider putting these new works out in that medium.

Thank you all for the support!

All the best,