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Iain has added an 8500 word paper to the Instructors Zone on the World Combat Assocation website!

I've just added an 8500 word paper to the Instructors’ Zone on the World Combat Assocation website:

"The Martial Map: In this paper Iain Abernethy presents a simple tool for ensuring clarity of thinking and goal focused training. Whilst many see “Fighting”, “Martial Arts” and “Self-Protection” as being one and the same, Iain argues that they are very different entities and they need specifically trained for. Training for one entity will not ensure competence in another! Iain believes that this lack of clarity and understanding is at the heart of many of the problems in modern training. The distinctions and the relationships between these three aspects is thoroughly discussed in this 8500 word paper. It is hoped “The Martial Map” will provide a useful tool for all WCA instructors in ensuring all aspects of their teaching and practise are focused and part of an interrelated whole. The paper also uses numerous quotations from the masters of the past to help illustrate that the distinctions discussed, although not well understood today, were clearly appreciated in the past. This written paper is being made available exclusively to WCA instructors."