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Iain gets his pink belt!

Yesterday I added the following picture and text to my facebook page:

"I added a new rank to my grading syllabus this weekend. An optional honorary 11th kyu (pink belt) that was added at the request of my daughter (age 6). The (negotiated) requirements for this esteemed grade are: A) Having a dad who is a 6th dan. B) Having a “cool” kick. C) Looking cute in a pink belt (my addition :-). Needless to say she passed no problem at all and wore the belt to the dojo with great pride. Being a dad is so much fun!"

The picture was the most “liked” thing I’ve ever posted (well she is incredibly cute!) and so I added this further post today.

"Well my daughters pink belt was very popular! I was awarded my pink belt a few years ago as you can see in this picture of myself and leading UK Judo coach Mike Liptrot. This was part of a charity fund raising campaign organised by Karen Gadd (to my left). It was this belt that my daughter saw and had to have! If you want your own pink belt, and want to help raise some money for cancer research, please follow this link! :-)"

If you want to be in with a chance of having your own pink belt and do some good, then please follow this link:

Thanks in advance for your support!

All the best,