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Iain on Geoff Thompson Podcast

The 100th Geoff Thompson podcast has just gone out and I’m pleased to say that I was the “special guest” alluded to in the podcast blurb.

For my part, the podcast includes what I find inspirational, my thoughts on self-defence, my tastes in music, suffering for your art, and how it’s a foolish man who crosses my mother!

You can listen to it via the link below and I hope you enjoy it:

Listen to the podcast here:

Download it here:

I always really enjoy Geoff & Richard’s podcast and if you are not a regular listener then I’d advise that you correct that. I come in after around 30 mins and the whole thing is well worth a listen. Enjoy!

All the best,


Rehab and threats

Details: The Must Listen podcast is a special one. Not because threats have been made to one of the dynamic duo, no, no, no. Rehab and threats is the 100th edition of the the Must Listen podcast with Geoff Thompson and Richard Barnes. There's a special surprise guest, a sing song, some anniversary questions and also looks at the Must Read article, Those That Fall. Don't be afraid to listen in, the threats although frightening are dealt with in a bumper engaging dose of centenary Serious Info-tainment. Bestest regards and be well Richard Barnes for Geoff