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Iain on Facebook!

I’ve finally got around to setting up a Facebook page! OK, so I’m a little behind the curve here as the Facebook phenomenon has largely passed me by and I was a little concerned about the extra “online time” it could generate. I already spend a lot of time keeping this site up-to-date, answering emails etc (around 4 hours a day), so I was not keen to add “Facebook time” to that.

However I’ve had chat with a few people and a Facebook page would seem to be a most elegant solution. Hopefully this will be a time efficient way off getting regular information to all Facebook users with an interest in what we do. So we set up a Facebook page today!

The more observant among you will no doubt already have noticed the associated Facebook boxes on the home page and main forum page. Don’t they look cool! ;-)

It’s all a little new to me, so please have patience with me as I get it up to speed. However, if you could pop along to the page below and give me a “like” that would be very much appreciated:

As always, I want the page to be of service to you so please let me know your thoughts as things take shape via

All the best,