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Extreme Impact online bag drills with Steve Williams

Please find below two new Extreme Impact bag-work drills! These drills were filmed by me especially for our Youtube channel. They were uploaded earlier today. Steve and I hope you enjoy them.

In the first video Steve Williams shows a drill making use of slaps, punches and elbows from a relaxed natural posture. The aim being to develop big impact through the correct use of the hips and to seamlessly adapt to the distance of the enemy.

In the second video Steve shows a drill making use of high and low roundhouse kicks and straight punches. This one is physically more demanding and develops anaerobic endurance, impact, fighting spirit, the ability to judge distance and pick your shot.

I hope the drills are of interest and if you want more drills, with plenty of technical breakdown, then please checkout the Extreme Impact Downloads (Click HERE).

All the best,


Extreme Impact Bag Drill 1 (March 2011)

 Extreme Impact Bag Drill 2 (March 2011)