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Combat Coach Programme with Iain Abernethy and Peter Consterdine

Welcome to the Combat Coach program! This extensive program was designed by Peter Consterdine 9th dan and further down this page Peter will give you all the details about the course. In this section I’ll take the opportunity to introduce myself and explain my role within the program.

My name is Iain Abernethy. I hold a 7th dan in karate (awarded by Peter) and I’ve been a student of his for many years. I am a fulltime martial artist and I make my living travelling the globe teaching applied martial arts. I have also written five books on the martial arts and produced over twenty instructional DVDs.

When Peter launched the Combat Coach programme I was one of the first people to sign up. As useful as the martial arts are, it should be acknowledged that there are many other facets to self-protection and that not all elements of the martial arts have relevance to self-protection. It was my intention to use the program to broaden my knowledge and learn from Peter’s unparalleled experience and knowledgebase.

My reasons for becoming part of this program were to add other dimensions to my practise, broaden what I have to offer my students, to help develop the skills and knowledge needed to teach outside the narrow confines of the martial arts, and for the sheer enjoyment of doing so! You will have your own reasons and you may also want to do what I am doing and become part of the team who deliver the programme. Having become part of the course I can confirm it not only met, but exceeded my expectations. I’m certain you will find the same.

As you’ll see, the program is divided into three levels and it is up to you to choose the appropriate level for you based on your needs and level of experience. This brochure will give you guidance on how to choose and Peter and I will also be only too happy to help.

The first two levels will be delivered by myself, under the overview of Peter in his role as course director, and having completed the first two levels those who wish to take things to diploma level will work directly with Peter.

My experience teaching on the world stage will be at your disposal and I look forward to working directly with you when you become a member of the program. Please read the rest of this page and then download and study the brochure. Don’t hesitate to let me know should you have any questions. All my contact details can be found on the back of the brochure and I look forward to talking with you in due course. Speak soon!

Best Wishes,

Iain Abernethy

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Combat Coach Programme

Peter Consterdine: The Combat Coach educational programmes have been developed by myself, Peter Consterdine as Chief Instructor of the World Combat Association (WCA), through whose auspice this programme is managed.  The WCA is the international ‘umbrella’ of the UKs foremost  martial arts organisation, the British Combat Association (BCA) which, apart form being a substantial multi-style organisation has been at the forefront of modern self defence for the 17 years it has been in existence.

The Combat Coach programme is the sum of all my knowledge and experience of personal Combat, Personal security, and marketing and delivering commercial courses to both the public in general, commercial businesses, front line services (police, prison service) and government agencies.

In total, between the 3 programmes there are some 55 units across a range of subjects (see brochure for details), unequalled in any martial arts or, practical combat course. The range and depth of the subjects is, quite honestly, amazing, with hundreds of photographs and illustrations across the units.

Aims of the Courses

The Combat Coach programme is divided into three separate courses; Self Defence Award, Self Defence Instructor’s Certificate, and Combat Coach Diploma.

Self Defence Award

The Self Defence Award level is for students of martial arts to educate them about Self Defence and practical applications of martial arts. It is also for the non-martial arts participants as a certified course in Self Defence. The course is a combination of delivered, home study units (some 22 in all), a number of student submitted essays and a thesis of some 7,500 words. Its aims are to;


-Provide awareness of personal security and awareness issues

-Promote awareness of self defence issues and techniques

-Provide progression to the Instructor’s Certificate in Self Defence

Self Defence Instructor’s Certificate

The Instructor’s Certificate is for existing martial arts Instructors who need a far better level of knowledge to be able to deliver self defence to their existing students and promote such classes to the public at large. This course has some 19 Units of complex subjects, submitted essays from students and a thesis of some 15,000 words.  Its aims are to;


-Develop the skills essential to the effective organisation and delivery of self defence training.

-Promote good practice in the instruction of self defence.

-Provide an intensive curriculum in personal security & combat

-Provide progression to the Combat Coach Diploma

Combat Coach Diploma

The Coach Diploma is aimed at experienced martial arts instructors, in which category I fit, who are currently delivering self defence courses but are looking to extend their market from the general public to the business community and other ‘front line organizations. There are some 18 high level units, submitted work and a final thesis of 25,000 words. Its aims are to;


-Develop advanced knowledge & skills in the areas of personal security, combat, travel security and risk assessments.

-Extend the knowledge and skills necessary to instruct within ‘front line’ occupations.

-Provide knowledge, skills and all instructional material necessary to operate within commercial environments.

Face-To-Face Personal Training

Students enrolling on the Diploma course work through all three programmes in a structured way, receiving units on a weekly basis, submitting personal work and receiving days of ‘face-to face personal instruction’.

This is what someone, who I’m sure you know well, and who is on the course had to say about it;

I’ve spent enough time around Peter Consterdine to know in advance that signing up for the Combat Coach Programme devised by him would be a smart move, but I have to be honest and say that I did not appreciate just how smart. The course has exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations! The prospectus will give you an idea of the wide range of subjects covered, but you need to see the course materials to fully appreciate the depth to which all the subjects are addressed. When you see the quality of the content and materials, let alone the value of all the direct person to person coaching, you’ll realise what good value this programme is.” - Iain Abernethy

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Units of Competence for all Three Levels

The practitioner's Self Defence Award has some 21 Units of Competence:


1. Principles of Personal Security

2. Developing Personal Security Awareness

3. Developing a Personal Threat Assessment

4. Perceptions and Fear of Crime

5. Personal Security in the Street

6. Personal Security Whilst Mobile

7. Personal Security at Home

8. Handling Fear & Chemical Responses

9. Understanding the Principles of Conflict Management

10. Self Defence & the Law

11. The Physical Confrontation

12. Basic Principles of Self Defence - Proactive v Reactive

13. Attack Scenarios

14. Understanding Warning Signs & Danger Signs

15. Releases From Holds & Safe Breakaways

16. Stances, Movement, Strikes & Kicks

17. Basic Grappling

18. Pre-emptive Strikes &Distraction Techniques

19. Blocking & Trapping

20. Ranges & Tools

21. Impact Development


22. Communication Skills & Strategies

23. Edged Weapon Defence

24. Blunt Weapon Defence

25. Scenario Development

26. Dealing with Multiple Assailants

27. Warm -up & Stretching Routines

28. In-Depth Personal Security Tuition for;




Public Transport


29. Instructional Skills

30. Understanding Fuel States for Physical Effort

31. Developing Suitable Drills for CQC

32. Emergency First Aid

33. Developing Combative Skills and Mindset

34. Preparing Courses for Various Markets

35. Control & Restraint Techniques

36. Tactics for Restricted Space

37. Advanced Law Issues

38. Anti-Surveillance

39. Developing Risk Assessments

COMBAT COACH DIPLOMA (as Award & Certificate) plus;

40.Teaching `non-government' Agencies

41. Delivering Programmes to Commerce & Industry

42. Understanding Training Requirements for the;


Prison Service

Security Operatives

Other 'Front Line' Personnel

Business Travelers

43. Firearms Appreciation & Capabilities

44. Weapons Disarm & Retention

45. UDT In & Around Vehicles

46. International Travel Security

47. Handcuffing

48. Bomb and Bomb Threat Awareness

49. Anti-Robery Awareness

50. Understanding Close-Protection

51. Personal Security Programmes for Senior Executives

52. Presentational Skills

53. Commercial Risk Management

54. Developing Commercial Opportunities

55. International Terrorism

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