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British Combat Karate Association Info from Peter Consterdine

Below you can find an update from Peter Consterdine 8th dan on the soon to be formed “British Combat Karate Association”. Peter will be providing me with information packs etc which will answer all questions and I’ll add them to this site so you can download them as PDFs next week. If you have any questions, Peter can be emailed at or called on 01924266016.

All the best,



Dear Instructor

This week Martial Arts Illustrated magazine will carry the first advert for a new martial arts association, the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA). Unlike membership with the BCA (British Combat Association), all students and instructors will become members of the English and Scottish governing bodies; the English Karate Federation (EKF) and the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) respectively. This gives, ultimately, recognition of the Association by the World Karate Federation (WKF), the only world Karate body recognised by the Olympic Committee.

At this precise moment in time, both applications have been submitted to the governing bodies, but we don't anticipate there being any stumbling blocks, with favourable outcomes for membership. We will know, in principle, over the next week or so, how these applications are faring.

The Scottish application will require an alternative name, excluding the word British and there are, currently, two alternatives, which are before the Scottish board for consideration, and about which it is to be we'll advise shortly.
Since inception of the BCA and given its eclectic nature, there has been no reason to have affiliation to any other organisation, but over the years we have recognised that there are many Karate groups, often disillusioned with their current affiliations, who would join the BCA, but for us not having access to the 'official' national and international championships.

Available soon will be the BCKA brochure and application form. We have catered for any current Karateka within the BCA to have joint membership at minimum cost, or vice versa if we have a new karate group coming into the BCA and the brochure explains this.

Being members of these governing bodies imposes certain obligations with regard to coaching qualifications, enhanced CRB disclosure, first aid certification and other, necessary, requirements, but we will be organising all the necessary courses to get people up to speed with all of this.

The BCKA is obviously not a 'style' association, and as with the BCA, it will be a 'home' for committed martial artists to grow and develop with as much or as little help from the Association as required. Both Geoff and myself have thought long and hard about how to provide the usual high level of service and we will have a full calendar of events with something for all 'disciplines,' together with the accustomed first class administration.

For anyone who as an interest in the BCKA there will be a list of questions and you'll see that the brochure is structured around these FAQs, but feel free to give me a call on the BCA number (01924266016) to discuss anything that's not clear.

Peter Consterdine