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Ask me about my bruises, help Felex, look cool, and make friends!

We all like cool martial arts t-shirts and I have to say that one of my favourites is my “Ask me about my bruises” shirt that I got from Eric Parsons while in the US last year. Not only does it look cool and is quite witty, but I’ve made new friends and even got new students when total strangers have asked me about my bruises!

My favourite was when flying out of Germany one time and I was asked by a border guard, who was inspecting my passport at the time, “tell about your bruises?” I’d forgotten I had the shirt on and hence thought that my passport photo must have some facial bruises that I’d not noticed before! He had a good laugh at me while I worked it out! Another new friend made :-)

Anyhow, bottom line is that you need one of these shirts! The cool thing is that in getting one you’re also helping out a very needy guy. I’ll let Eric explain all that in the note below. Read the stuff below, contact Eric, do a cool thing, look cool in a cool shirt and make new friends!

All the best,


Message from Eric Parsons

Hello Everyone,

While serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, I founded a martial arts group which Sarah (my wife) and I eventually incorporated into an anti-HIV/AIDS life skills training program. The top student in that group, Felex Forward, has continued to train in the martial arts and is also currently working as a primary school teacher in the country, under which capacity he is trying to continue the joint life skills/martial arts program. However, last month, Felex was told by the local government that they were going to demolish his house because the town had recently been promoted to a district capital and they wanted to "beautify" the neighborhood. As such, he is in dire need of assistance.

To help out, we are selling our popular "Ask me about my bruises" shirts as a fundraiser. With the help of a talented artist, we've came up with a very cool design, but you don't need to take my word for it. Check it out for yourself! Shirts are $20 for US orders and $23 for international orders, postage included, and can be paid either via check or through Paypal.  If you're interested in purchasing a shirt and helping Felex out, just contact me at

Thanks in advance! 


To order email Eric at

To order email Eric at