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The all new Martial Secrets podcast! (and 6 year old episode with Iain)

Some of you may be interested in this blast from the past! This was an interview Kris Wilder did with me before I started my own podcast. It was done in 2005 and I think it was the 1st time I talked to Kris “in person” too (now good friends). Kris tells me the show is to be resurrected and put out weekly very soon!

Kris Intercviews Iain on “the old” Martial Secrets:

And now news of the all new Martial Secrets!

Message form Kris Wilder:

Martial-Secrets, goes weekly and on iTunes

Years ago I did about 18 interviews in a podcast format. I dropped the project when my server went out of business. Recently Lawrence Kane and I have joined together, for The new and we think improved Martial-Secrets.
A website, a link into iTunes, the full meal deal as McDonald’s used to say. So we have posted the old 18 interviews for about 10 hours of listening. Shortly we will follow with the new format and new topics which we hope you will enjoy.

You can go to the Martial-Secrets home page by clicking here:

iTunes users can subscribe by opening iTunes> iTunes Store>Search Store (upper right corner)> type: Martial Secrets - Boom, done.

Footage from Kris Wilder Sanchin DVD