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1st syllabus approved by the WCA!

I’m pleased to be able to tell you all that the World Combat Association has definitely struck a cord with practical martial artists all over the globe with enquires, interest and memberships coming in think and fast. As you know, one of the roles of the WCA is to provide guidance and support for member groups to develop truly holistic syllabus; and to have that syllabus, and the grades awarded against them, formally recognised.

I’m pleased to be able to announce that the first syllabus has just been approved!  The syllabus in question was from Lee Taylor Karate. I’ve worked with Lee for many years and the WCA is the natural home for pragmatically minded martial artists such as Lee and his group. Here are Lee’s thoughts on achieving WCA approval:

I believe a good syllabus is at the heart of a group defining the overall aims and objectives, mapping out the journey for students developing their skills, knowledge and understanding to grow into well rounded martial artists and individuals.

The WCA have the personnel, experience, guidance and support structure that allowed me to develop my syllabus into what it is today, and for the WCA to approve it and give it recognition offers my syllabus a level of credibility that’s second to none -

You can find out more about the requirements for approval on this webpage:

Well done to all involved in producing a solid example of how traditional arts can be 100% relevant to the modern day!

All the best,