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The 1st Introductory Instructors course in 5 years!

Iain Abernethy Introductory Instructors Course

It’s been five years since the last one, but it is now possible to book your place on the Iain Abernethy Introductory Instructors Course!

As a result of continual requests for training sessions for instructors who wish to integrate Iain’s methods into their own teaching the first Introductory Instructors Course took place in 2006. Courses were also held in 2007 and 2009. This is therefore a rare opportunity for those who want to gain instructor recognition with Iain.

The course will cover kata application, training drills, power generation, karate grappling, close-range striking, limb-control, kata-based sparring, karate in self-protection, etc. The emphasis will be on integrating all aspects of Iain’s approach into your training and teaching.

The drivers behind the course are Iain’s desire to ensure that those who want to adopt his methods into their teaching get the required support, and to increase the list of instructors Iain can recommend to people wanting a pragmatic and holistic approach to karate and related arts. The course will be certificated and all those who successfully complete the course will receive an Introductory Instructors Certificate from Iain. Those who successfully complete the Introductory Level can also work to progress to Full Instructor if they wish.

The nature of the course means that numbers will be limited and therefore people are encouraged to book as quickly as possible. Only 18 places are available in total!

To be eligible for the course you must meet the following criteria:

  • All participants must hold a dan grade.
  • All participants must be a certified instructor with their association / governing body.
  • All participants must have teaching experience and be actively teaching others.
  • All participants must be over 18 years.
  • All participants must be in good health and have valid insurance.
  • All participants must have had sufficient previous exposure to Iain’s methods, have attended his seminars, and have a grasp of the methodology of Iain’s approach.


If you have any questions relating to your eligibility please don’t hesitate to contact Iain at

All participants will require the following equipment: gi, focus mitts, sparring gloves, bag gloves, note pad, pen, protective sparring equipment, water bottle and food.

The course will be held on the 30th and 31st of August 2014 at Eaglesfield Paddle C Of E Primary Schoo, Eaglesfield, Cumbria CA13 0QY. The training will be from 10am to 4pm both days. A written exam will also be undertaken by all participants.

The cost for the whole seminar is £295. Payment of the full amount secures your place. IMPORTANT: Places for this event are limited and in high demand. DO NOT BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN ATTEND. Places are not transferable and every place booked prevents others from going. Attendees must book on the complete understanding that no refunds can be given for non-attendance under any circumstances.

Please contact us via 01900829406 (Overseas: +441900829406) or by email at for details of how to book your place.