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What is the ‘right’ thing to do when faced with this situation?

I was just wondering what some of the more experienced people in self protection thought of the video I've posted below and the situation they disscuss? In a nutshell they are saying that should you come across a violent confrontation (where you are a third party) the best thing you can do is call the police and walk away. On the whole I agree with the video, but I'd be lying if I said that I would not somehow feel responsible, and feel cowardly. Not intervening wouldn't sit well with me, but it is undoubtably the safest option.

What do others think? Is it morally wrong and selfish to not get involved? Or it is just sensible?

The video:

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Difficult and to some degree no right or wrong however the instinct is to jump in but the baseline would be call the police if you can/ before getting physically involved.(if that is one decision to get physically involved)when calling the police  Maintain a distance from the attacker(s) so they would have to cover ground to attack you. If possible do it from cover, behind  a car etc so u have an object in front of you especially if they they are armed. Give a description ,whether u can see weapons and if they run off direction of travel. Give first aid/ comfort to the victim. If others are giving aid one could pursue them but don't catch them. If u do one will mostl likely have a fight on your hands and you will be knacker**. The secret of foot pursuit is to  Keep them in sight and if one is reasonably fit one will run them into the ground so to speak. If one decides to jump in don't go for seperation like a boxing referee if it's more than one attacker go for the one inflicting the most damage. Use of voice is good but use one word ,stop' stop not a dialogue as the attackers physiology is such that they will most likely be unable to hear you as they will be at the top of emotional state. Depending on what the attack is about the attackers will respond differently: personal robbery they would have attacked and been on their toes before you react as they would have isolated the victim already and you are there by chance. Domestic violence or men fighting as it were they will carry until they are physically restrained or removed. Be under no illusion getting involved has its risks but its how one manges those risks.

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I once found myself in a situation where it was not clear to me if the person that seemed to be in trouble really was. So I just ask her if she needs help. She thankfully declined and so I went on. 

I think I would do it again in a similar situation. In my situation it wasn't 15 against one but a one on one situation (male vs. female and a heated argument just to clarify). In a situation like it was described in the video I'd also inform the authorities and would have stayed as a potential witness.

Regards Holger