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VIP/third party protection course


i have been looking in to third party protection courses and there seems to be so many out there. Also so many that don't ring true, courses that show guys wear "special" glasses that allow them to see behind with the use of little mirrors, and othe 007 type tricks. 

Can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of a course that focuses on real skills and less gimmicks


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Hi Finlay

i think your post very much depends on what you want to achieve.

For example, are you looking for accreditation in a particular field and in a particular country, or are you looking to enhance skills or just satisfy an interest?

For accreditation you would need to consider SIA accreditation. For countries with dominant gun ownership you might want to consider firearms training. Are you looking to work in the security industry guarding a specific site(s) or are you wanting to do CP (close protection) work?

For skill enhancement/ interest only you may wish to consider what type of self defence interests you (weapons or empty hand/ close combat or working at a distance? 

Dependent on what it is you want to achieve, I would always recommend chosing a course where the instructor(s) have actual experience of physical conflict, and know what works. A big consideration is what legal framework you will be working to? For example UK law enforcement predominantly involves control & restraint, rather than deadly strikes and leathal weapons.

Lastly, who is your likely assailant (environment specific)? Will you envisage having to deal with large groups (night time economy) or fewer subjects (retail guarding)?



Black Tiger
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Good luck on your search

As with Michael said a lot of research and training required.

Would recommend Joining your local Territorial Army detatchment, to give you skills that you can use in your current venture.

Happy New Year