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Tekki-Nidan Bunkai (video)

This footage was taken at a residential course in June 2014. At the course, all participants were asked what topics they would like to cover. One suggestion was the bunkai for Shotokan’s Tekki-Nidan (Naihanchi-Nidan). I’m not a Shotokan stylist and the school I originate from only practises one version of Naihanchi. Tekki-Nidan is therefore not a kata I practise or have spent much time analysing. In preparation for the course, I familiarised myself with the kata and had some initial thoughts. On the course itself we had covered the process of kata analysis in previous sessions, so this was a good opportunity to apply the process and see what the kata revealed. This clip shows what we came up with for the opening sequence.

The video starts by showing our conclusion, and then shows the exploration process in order to illustrate the underlying thinking that gave rise to the conclusions reached. It’s definitely a kata I now wish to explore in more depth!

A huge thanks to Kim Dunn 8th dan for suggesting Tekki-Nidan, and for showing the kata while I walk through the bunkai next to him in the clip.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Thoughts on Tekki-Nidan Bunkai (Naihanchi Nidan)