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Mikael Holstebro
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Taeguek Ill-Jang

The benefit of working with a blank canvas - or the lack of good explanation for the Kukkiwon Taegueks(kata) - is that when developing a practical sylabus, you can decide what skills you want to develop with what form.

We decided that the first form Taeguek Ill jang, should teach simple escapes from wrist graps, progressing to a lapel grap (the technique is borrowed from Iain). Our thoughts behind this is to ease the students into the mindset, and use the first two grades to teach the inportance of creating space, and covering.

The idea is to progress to strikes and other attacks informed by Habitual Acts of Violence, up through the forms and grades.

Walk-through of the applications:


Flow drill:


The idea behind the applications and the drill has been brewing for more than a year. And this is the 3rd edition of a flowdrill, but I think we have found a workable version, that ticks the boxes for what we need.