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Solo Kata for Solo Training (Podcast)

This month we cover Solo Kata for Solo Training! In these podcasts we frequently discuss how kata records the combative techniques and concepts upon which karate is based. Kata provides the combative syllabus around which we should structure all of our training. Kata should be central to our pad drills, partner-work, sparring, and all other forms of training. In this podcast we discuss the solo kata itself and how it can be used as an enjoyable and effective method of supplementary solo training.

We start by discussing the nature of kata, what a “good kata” is, and what benefits the practise of solo kata can bring when training alone. We then spend the bulk of the podcast looking at the many different ways in which you can make use of kata regardless of style, available space or environment. We also cover some of the ways in which you can add variety to solo kata training in order to make training challenging and enjoyable. The hope is the podcast will motivate and inspire you to further explore the many ways in which kata can be used when a training partner is not available.

In the second part of the podcast we cover listener’s questions. Topics covered include warm-ups, the martial arts and weight loss, worries about the law when we defend ourselves, whether competitive karate is harmful or beneficial, and making use of what I teach in your own practise.

It’s just over an hour of my martial musings and I hope you enjoy it and find it interesting. Enjoy!

All the best,


Solo Kata for ...
Iain Abernethy