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Iain Abernethy
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Simple Guide to Scottish Self-Defence Law?

Hi All,

Here is a good summation of English self-defence law from the Crown Prosecution Service:


It’s good for people to know that the law in England is very good and is not out to get people who legitimately defend themselves (despite the scaremongering by some parts so the press on occasion). You can hit first, you can make honest mistakes, and the law does not expect you to judge to a nicety the level of force used. Guides like this can be very useful for teacher and student alike in order to avoid common misunderstandings.

I posted the link on Facebook and the question was asked if I was aware of a similar document / webpage for the Scottish side of things? I have had a look at the Crown Office website but could find no similar summary.

Is anyone here aware of a good summation of Scottish Self-Defence Law like the one above? If so, could you let me know as it could be very useful for our friends north of the border.

All the best,