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Pre attack indicators

 A lot has been written about pre attack indicators and always will be as it is the only chance to maximize one’s chances to take appropriate action. Reconizing attack indicators can stop attacks, avoid injuries and prevent death

However, what if their aren’t any and there is a sudden explosion of violence? That seems to flies in the face of the evidence/ thinking. Or are some so subtle that one cannot pickup them within the split second time before the assault.

What put me to write this muse was I was watching a channel five series ‘ Police code Zero officers under attack’, assaults on Police officers  seen from the body camera’s so one is seeing it as you would be seeing it and it also includes the noise, the shouting etc. that watching CCTV does not give. Episode 2 session 3, shows a kick in the groin @ 25mins.10 secs; it shows it in real time and then again in slow time. What spurred me to mention it is to show the  immense difficulty in recognizing the ‘indicators’ when there is no accumulation ( slow  fuse)  and the assault  happens in a split second.



Neil Babbage
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While it would be foolish to suggest that there is always a warning, there usually is and the more attentive you are the more likely you are to spot it. True out-of-the-blue random attacks without warning are very rare. However, your preparation should have begun much earlier based on your assessment of the likelihood of facing violence. That is, you should be maintaining your awareness appropriately to the situation you are in and while this may not allow you time to preempt an attack it will certainly make you readier to respond if it happens.

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sarflondonboydonewell wrote:

it also includes the noise, the shouting etc. [...]

Those seem to be early indicators of possible physical violence. (Although I have not seen the video you mentioned.)