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Parry-Pass-Check Drill

Hello, everyone!

I recently released this video exploring the parry-pass-check drill, which can be found in several variations and by many different names across numerous arts. There are still more to it, of course, but this is just exploring some of the depth it has just in the striking realm. Of course, as I mention in the video, the base drill is more for skill-building, and gives you the opportunity to jump into practical techniques from there. Hopefully it provides some food for thought!

Andrew Sheldon-...
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Nice video.   Drills like this are a great way to get high repetitions in a short space of time.   As long as the people doing it understand that the aim is not to stand there and parry and check all day but rather doing it as a route to something else.   This is where going in to a hubud style flow where you an intersperce other movements into the sequence is a really good idea.  You could for instance use the sticky hand and follow it in for a take down etc.

The trapping can be seen in kata like kurumfa (although it is not normally interpreted this way) where the hands push up and down.   The hand that swings threw (sometimes described as a groin strike) being the catching of the second punch and then envoloping the arms.   The KU quadrant drill also provides a similar format where you have a base set of moves and then can go off into other moves from there.   

There is real advantages in being able to practice moves out of movement.   This sort of drill lets you do that.   For example knowing how to catch locks out of movement is way more usful than just knowing how to get a lock on a stationary partner.

Iain Abernethy
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Great video Noah! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


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Cool. I first learnt this as a hubud variation in FMA. Going to introduce it to my TKD mates as part of showing some pattern applications and have decided to call it the "4P" drill. Parry (or Palm maybe as TKD has a palm block?), Pass, Press (as in TKD we have a pressing block), Punch. Parry, Pass, Press, Punch, repeat.

As mentioned above need to make sure people aren't just getting good at the drill for the sake of the drill though. :)