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Open session of "old style" Okinawan Karate - Jion kata

On the 26th of October I will be running an open session of "old style" Okinawan karate with influence from Fujian White Crane Kung Fu at my dojo in Halifax. 

Okinawan Karate kata Jion as practiced in the "old style" should be viewed as a "gutter fighting" system to quickly and efficiently end a violent physical conflict.  To this end I will share the two person drills,  pad exercises and Bunkai Oyho which I practice to inform the kata.

By the end of the session attendees will understand how to fluidly apply principles and techniques from Jion by understanding and utilising your opponents energy to produce a highly functional system for close quarter skirmishing for which I believe kata were originally intended. 

The session will once again cost £10 for four hours training, 10am-2pm

I have had the honour of a 100% take up of places from the people who attended my recent Naihanchi open session,  so places are limited.

If anyone is interested then please email me - markbonner1@hotmail.co.uk upon which I will give the address for the session. Alternatively you can PM me on this forum.

Regards, Mark