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Nijushiho / Niseishi Bunkai: Rising Elbow Sequence

This video looks at bunkai for the sequence in Nijushiho / Niseishi that begins with a rising elbow. That elbow is then followed by either a “lower block” and “hook punch”, or a “low punch” and “lower block”, depending on the style being practised. The video looks at bunkai for both variations.

While on the surface the two variations seem quite different, I would suggest that they are alternate illustrations of how the arm can be manipulated in order to further create and maintain a position of advantage.

This is often the case when we compare variations between kata. What we most frequently see is alternate expressions of common principles, or alternate ways of addressing the same issue. There is only one karate, but there are innumerable expressions of it. Looking at alternate variations of any given kata often gives insights in to one’s own version.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Nijushiho / Niseishi Rising Elbow Sequence