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Iain Abernethy
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The new websites first banning! (Misuse of private message function)

Hi All,

Some of you may have got a private message from a user telling you they were into karate and wrestling and that they wished to make friends with you. That user had sent that message to many members and it is unclear what their motivation was?

I think we can be pretty sure it was not to engage in serious martial discussion and that is why that account has been deleted and the member banned off the site (which is why you can’t reply if you have tried). Thanks to those who reported this person.

To join the forum any potential user needs to enter a visual code and be approved by myself. This was therefore not an automated attempt to send “spam private messages”, but a real person using the forum inappropriately. It’s an inevitable consequence of the forum being as popular as it is that we’ll get the occasional “nutter” and “ne’er-do-well” joining us. They are easily dealt with though!

I’ll keep carefully screening all applications and if any slip through the net and do something inappropriate, please let me know and I’ll deactivate their account immediately.

All the best,