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Kata Application course with Ben Ryder and Joost Frehe

On Saturday 28th July there will a Koryu Uchinadi course held at the Kaizen Martial Arts Academy in Leeds between 1pm and 4pm. The session has regular attendees from a variety of karate styles and this session will cover a kata application practices that can be practiced individually (oyo waza), as a two person drill (futari geiko) and can culminate in a solo form (kata).

Koryu Uchinadi is a contemporary interpretation of Okinawa's fighting arts systematised by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, based on his extensive field research in Japan, Okinawa and China. The training is practiced from habitual acts of physical violence, and include the entry (irimi), technique of focus (waza) and the exit (deguchi). This is a fantastic exercise that can slip under the syllabus of any style or school and will really help give people looking to understand kata a platform from which they can reverse engineer any kata template.

It is an informal setting in which you will be actively encouraged to ask questions...How does that work? Why do it that way? What does this move from this kata mean? All questions are welcome, and will be answered.

The session is being co-taught by Ben Ryder and Joost Frehe.

Joost is a Koryu Uchinadi instructor with a background in Okinawan Goju Ryu, wrestling and boxing, moving from his natve Netherlands to train full time with the legendary George Andrews on a full time basis. On a recent trip to Fuzhou Joost wa awarded  gold medal for his performnce of Kume Sanchin at the prestigious Karate-Wushu Exchnage Convention and was aarded the Researcher of the Year award from the International Ryukyu Karate Jutsu Research Society in 2011. He is also a personal student of Shifu Yu Dan Qiu (7th duan) from the Fujian Minghe Chuan Wushu Association, a 3rd generation Whooping crane expert and one of the highest authorities within the much debated Xie Zhong Xiang Fuzhou – Fujian based crane-fist traditions, which play a pivotal role in the development of Karate-do. In 2010 he graduated from a 5 year course from the College of Chinese Medicine London.

Ben Ryder is a Koryu Uchinadi instructor with a background in Shotokan karate and modern combatives. With  a tradtiional martial arts background he searched for more practical training in 2001 before he started working as a door supervisor in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which he did until the end of 2007. During this time he worked full time as an instructor to the locl polic force, personally teaching over 600 lessons on 3 hours in length covering hand to hand combat, knife defence, baton use, control and restraint and conflict management skills as part of a team of seven instructors who trained intensely in a variety of combatives in environments fro living rooms, buses, trains and even at the top of sport stadiums. he later became a warranted police officer in the inner city areas of Newcastle and now Leeds.

Please message me on here for further details or email irkrs@hotmail.com. Session cost is only £10.