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Iain Abernethy
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On being wrong

I love the TED website (www.ted.com)! Loads of great talks by interesting people on fascinating subjects. I watched one this morning by Kathryn Schulz called “On being wrong”. It’s about how we all have difficulty knowing when we are wrong, and we are conditioned to dislike being wrong. However, there can be great value in admitting and even embracing our fallibility. I really enjoyed this one and thought I’d share it here. I hope you enjoy it!

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Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong

Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. But what if we're wrong about that? "Wrongologist" Kathryn Schulz makes a compelling case for not just admitting but embracing our fallibility. Kathryn Schulz is the author of "Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.”


Iain Abernethy
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The trouble is – as was pointed out in the video – we don’t know when we are wrong and being wrong feels exactly like being right :-) Also, the fact that we can be wrong does not automatically mean we are wrong. There is a little value in assuming we are always wrong (even if the evidence suggests we are right) as there is in assuming we are always right (even when the evidence suggests we are wrong). Both positions would be deluded. I think the key then must be keeping an open mind, accept there is always the possibility we could be wrong, doing our best to follow the evidence, and accepting when the evidence suggests we are mistaken. Not easy though! That’s why I found it an interesting topic!

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This is a brilliant talk.  Very enjoyable and made me think about my own assumptions.  Incisive and no gobbledy gook make this something you want to remember.  Like she says you might think you can perform your stuff really well (e.g.kata)........and then something else happens.  I would add that we shouldn`t get too demoralised when it does,


Gary Chamberlain
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I always know when I'm wrong.  That's what wives are for.


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Are we married to the same woman?