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Basic "knife hand block" application drills (video)

Please find below video of some basic shuto-uke drills! As some of you know I recently invested in a pocket video camera. The idea is to keep it in the kit bag and use it to film class, seminar and training footage that I think you may find interesting. The aim is to bring you one such clip a week so that they build up into a useful resource.

Unlike the DVDs, there are no professional cameramen, sound people, directors, professional editors etc so all the footage will be a bit “rough and ready”. However, I hope it is still of interest to you nonetheless and that the information makes up for the less than professional lighting and sound.

This first clip was filmed yesterday during a class I taught where we looked at some basic drills for shuto-uke (and a little Pinan Yodan too). I hope it is of interest to you all and the camera is in the bag with the aim of capturing many more impromptu clips and the weeks and months roll by.

All the best,


NOTE: To watch the video, please click on the small “play” icon on the bottom left of the player. The video file will then start to connect (be patient!). Once the file has fully downloaded (progress can be seen on the bottom bar), the video will start to play.

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