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X-Po "League of Super Friends" Podcast Parts 4 to 6

Here are parts 4 to 6 of the wide-ranging discussion recorded on the evening before the USA side of the X-Po event earlier this year. Kris Wilder, Rory Miller, Marc “Animal” MacYoung, Al Peasland, Nicholas Yang & myself had a good chat about all things martial at Kris’s place and recorded it. It has been split into eleven parts and we’ll be sure to bring you all other episodes as they become available. I hope you enjoy them!

All the best,


PS The "league of super friends" title was totally my idea, it has not been endorsed by any other participants, I'd now like to be known as "Captain Awesome" and I've renamed my home (lair?) as "The Impenetrable Fortress of Crystal"! ;-)

Crossing the Pond Roundtable 4 / 11

 Crossing the Pond Roundtable 5 / 11

Crossing the Pond Roundtable 6 / 11

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